US and Sweden Sign Landmark Defense Cooperation Agreement Amid NATO Integration

06.20.24 11:12 AM

Allied forces stand,
On Sweden's shores they prepare,
For peace, strength commands.

On December 6, 2023, the United States and Sweden signed a landmark Defense Cooperation Agreement (DCA), marking a significant step in strengthening military ties between the two nations. This agreement grants the US military access to 17 military bases across Sweden, including strategic locations such as Gotland Island, which is vital for regional security in the Baltic Sea.

Swedish Defense Minister PÃ¥l Jonson and US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin signed the agreement in Washington, emphasizing its importance for addressing security challenges together. The DCA allows for the prepositioning of US military equipment and the conduct of operations on Swedish territory, enhancing the ability of both nations to respond swiftly to potential crises.

This agreement comes as Sweden's NATO membership bid faces delays from Turkey and Hungary. The DCA is seen as a move to integrate Sweden more closely with NATO's defense infrastructure, providing stability and security assurances despite the pending NATO membership.

The collaboration under this agreement is part of a broader strategy to enhance regional security in response to heightened tensions with Russia following its invasion of Ukraine. While the agreement does not include the storage of US nuclear weapons in Sweden, it significantly enhances military cooperation and readiness between the US and Sweden.

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