Atlanta Faces Major Water Outages After Multiple Water Main Breaks

06.01.24 09:15 AM

Voices of concern,
Water flows and roads disrupt,
Hope for swift repair.

Atlanta is currently grappling with significant water outages caused by a series of water main breaks. The most notable incident occurred in Buckhead, where a six-inch water main break led to a large sinkhole, disrupting traffic and water services. This break, located at 1812 Peachtree NW between Palisades Road NE and 26th Street NW, caused lane closures and affected numerous businesses and residents in the area. The Atlanta Department of Watershed Management has since repaired the break, and water services have been restored 11Alive.

Additionally, there have been other water main breaks reported across the city. On Colonial Homes Drive Northwest, a break caused by a 16-inch main led to water outages for eight apartment complexes, ten homes, and seven hydrants. This incident also impacted water pressure at Piedmont Hospital WSB-TV.

Residents and business owners expressed frustration over the recurring issues with the city's water infrastructure. Long-standing concerns about the aging pipes have been highlighted, with calls for more comprehensive solutions rather than temporary fixes. The Atlanta City Council is considering extending a local options sales tax to fund infrastructure repairs, with a vote expected in May WSB-TV.

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